Epstein Lid Everter™
-Easy lid eversion and examination
-Used for upper and lower lids
-Surgical Stainless Steel

-Easy and fast lid / lash exfoliation
-Part of routine ocular hygiene
-Less than half the price of the competition

Epstein Lid Debrider™
-Faster lid debridements
-Safer and more comfortable
-Surgical Stainless Steel

Dry Eye Power Visor
-Constant temperature
-Six air bladder gland massage
-Vibration and Bluetooth music for patient relaxation while they wait

Epstein MGD Expressor™
& Amniotic Membrane Forcep

-Unique angled paddle design
-Maximized efficiency and comfort
-Surgical Stainless Steel

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Personalized & Differentiated

Patients today demand high technology and cutting edge innovation.  There are a variety of doctors just down the road so making sure you have the right tools to do your job and attract patients is vital.  Our products are affordable and stand apart.



More Effective Staff

We realize that not all techs and opticians are experts starting day one.  We also realize that poor scans and wasted time directly erode your bottom line.  That is why Medirix products are easy, intuitive, and fast.


Strong ROI

Innovative products that are effective are always part of good care.  But there also has to be a healthy return on investment in order to pay the staff and keep on the lights.  That is why Medirix products are always developed with a strong ROI. 


We Are Dedicated to You

Eye care is evolving rapidly.  With unprecedented advances in technology comes increasing challenges for both practice and patient management.  Medirix was started in 2017 to identify and develop technology that could have profound impact on patient care.

Our primary focus is outcomes-guided development of clinical tools that work for doctors to improve clinical results, enhance patient satisfaction, and increase practice success.  Our “boots on the ground” approach helps us identify both underutilized and new technology for further development.  Innovation is among our core values.

The Medirix team combines expertise in chemistry, engineering and optics. It includes nationally recognized experts in optometry, ophthalmology, and biotechnology.

We offer personalized implementation and technical support for all of our products.  We are committed to your satisfaction and success.

To learn more about how we can help you succeed please contact us.

If you are looking to join our team please contact us.



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    • Medical Advisor
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