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Epstein Lid Debrider


The Epstein Lid Debrider® was designed with dual protected debridement edges and a unique smooth ball end that makes the procedure easier to perform, more comfortable for the patient, and prevents accidental damage to the conjunctiva or cornea.

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Epstein® Eyelid Margin Debridement Ophthalmic Tool-

Professional eyelid debridement for safer and faster results.

Lid debridement is an essential procedure for removing the accumulation of debris and biofilm that collects on the surfaces of the lid margins and contributes to meibomian gland obstruction and ocular surface inflammation.  The procedure can be performed periodically as part of a recurring ocular surface hygiene program.  Debridement should also be performed prior to manual or automated gland expression to improve expression efficacy.

Typical Procedure:

Instill topical anesthetic prior to commencing the procedure.  Visualization of lid margin debris and Marx’s line can be enhanced by instilling fluorescein, or preferably lissamine green stain.

Debride eyelid margin surfaces by sweeping the instrument back and forth from inner to outer canthus multiple times using gentle pressure until the eyelid surfaces appear smooth and clean.   If necessary, angle the instrument inward toward the lid surface in the direction of travel to increase abrasiveness.  The procedure can be performed at the slit lamp or using direct visualization.

Made in the USA from surgical grade stainless steel and for professional use only. Ships with usage and cleaning instructions

This is a non-reimbursable procedure and is typically cash pay. 

Download our ABN form specific for the Epstein Lid Debrider® procedure:  LMDABN Form

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