EyeActiv Foam (10pk)


The exclusive formula of EyeActiv™ Ocular Hygiene Foam is a gentle and lubricious eyelid scrub cleanser designed specifically for in-office microblepharoexfoliation use and also in-home use. It contains no harsh chemicals or tea tree oils and helps maintain the lid margins natural oil balance. Sold in cases of 10 bottles (50mL each)

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EyeActiv™ foaming eyelid cleanser-

for blepharitis, demodex, and general ocular hygiene.

EyeActiv™ Foam was designed as the first lid cleanser specifically for added effect during in-office microblepharoexfoliation (such as an AB-Max) use as well as at-home daily use. Sold in cases of 10 bottles (50mL each)

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