EyeActiv Foam (10pk)


The exclusive formula of EyeActiv™ Ocular Hygiene Foam is a gentle and lubricious eyelid scrub cleanser designed specifically for in-office microblepharoexfoliation use and also in-home use. It contains no harsh chemicals or tea tree oils and helps maintain the lid margins natural oil balance. Sold in cases of 10 bottles (50mL each)

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EyeActiv foaming eyelid cleanser-

For blepharitis, demodex, and general ocular hygiene.

EyeActiv Foam was designed as the first lid cleanser for added effect during in-office microblepharoexfoliation (such as an AB-Max) and at-home daily use. Sold in cases of 10 bottles (50mL each)

EyeActiv’s formulation is more gentle and less irritating than even baby shampoo. It contains no harsh chemicals, essential oils, or added fragrances. The dense foam enhances the mechanical removal of debris, while the gentle surfactant matrix facilitates dirt and oil removal.

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