EyeAssist Comfort Lid Retractor



We designed the EyeAssist explicitly to solve the problem of obtaining maximum eyelid retraction during corneoscleral mapping. Up to 24+mm in most cases. The EyeAssist features a patent-pending stainless steel wireform torsion spring and disposable tips. The innovative tips have a skin-tact material that securely holds the eyelids. If the eyelids become wet with fluorescein or wettings drops, the disposable tips have sleeves to accept cotton swabs. Retracting the eyelids with the cotton swabs eliminates the wet lids from slipping. The EyeAssist comes with 20 disposable tips.

EyeAssist Comfort Lid Retractor-

For improving topographical and elevation measurements during specialty lens fitting.

Obtaining high-quality topographical and elevation measurements over a large area is often the most challenging part of specialty lens fitting. Holding both lids without shadows or global deformation is a unique and frustrating obstacle that results in multiple scans, stitched-together scans, and estimations. The EyeAssist meets the challenge by gently and securely retracting the lids to allow a single operator to obtain up to 24+mm of coverage with a single scan.

The disposable tips keep your patient and the clinic safe while adaptable to dry or wet eyelids.

The EyeAssist comes with 20 tips.

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in