EyeCam 2.0 Pretest Kit



The EyeCam 2.0 is the essential dry eye system for optometry and ophthalmology clinics looking to add meibography, fluorescein staining, lid, and lash margin imaging. It’s 4K high resolution provides crystal clear images and videos while being extremely easy to use.

EyeCam 2.0 Dry Eye Imaging System



Inspection and documentation of dry eye disease are essential to any successful dry eye clinic. The Medirix EyeCam 2.0 provides the highest detail images and videos in 4K quality utilizing a Sony® medical grade sensor. The new aluminum housing and the magnetic filter will impress your staff and patients.


  • Meibography of the upper and lower lids is easy with the long optical working distance.
  • Fluorescein images and TBUT videos utilize blue excitation illumination and the enhanced Wratten style filter.
  • Lid and lash margin imaging take advantage of our full spectrum illumination to capture the most delicate details.
  • The EyeCam® software features our revolutionary patent pending Epstein MGD Staging system. This new approach allows the clinician to better understand the progression of MGD and to tailor treatment plans more effectively. Also in the software package is Epstein’s Redness and Tear Meniscus Grading, which allows the clinician to document the exam and educate the patient thoroughly.
  • NEW The cam-action expanding pin improves secure slit lamp mounting and reduces unwanted movement.
  • NEW The modern aluminum housing looks stunning while improving longevity.
  • NEW The Wratten filter is magnetic for easier attachment and removal.


Meibography currently has a temporary non-reimbursable CPT code (0507T). Optionally, use of an out-of-pocket ABN form can be used.  Link to our ABN form.


Our proprietary software is easy to use for capturing and reviewing. Educating patients in 4K clarity of their dry eye disease is simple with our included networked viewing station mode. Unlimited networking to all your exam lanes is simple and secure. Networking can either be in a wired (recommended) or wireless environment.


The EyeCam 2.0 comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty.


Ships with EyeCam 2.0, 24″x36″ motorized table, Business class 21″ all-in-one PC, table mount, dust cover, 16′ USB 3.1 cable, cam-action mounting pin, magnetic Wratten style filter, heavy-duty foot pedal control, software

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of all EyeCam 2.0 orders.

On-site installation is recommended for our tabletop configuration as the table ships disassembled.

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 30 × 27 in

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