MYCO AB-Max™ Blepharoexfoliator

The AB Max™ provides forward and reverse functionality PLUS, a patent pending PULSE mode specifically engineered to remove even the most tenacious scurf and debris, while gently massaging the anterior eyelid margins* for better patient outcomes.


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AB Max™ Dry Eye System

For treatment of the causes of anterior blepharitis.

If you are like the majority of ophthalmologists and optometrists, you know the value of ocular and palpebral hygiene.  Just as oral hygiene is essential and performed by a dental hygienist at least once a year, an ocular hygiene procedure should be be performed on your patients at least once a year.  The AB-Max is the essential tool to have to quickly and effectively clean the lids and lashes within 4 minutes.

*Anterior Blepharitis is Blepharitis on the outer eyelid margin, including the eyelashes.
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